Ireland weather forecast: Climate one of the main reasons Irish people decide to emigrate

Ireland may have basked in a prolonged heatwave during our glorious summer.

But the usually damp climate and lack of sunshine have been singled out as one of the biggest reasons why so many Irish people decide to emigrate.

According to a new study, nearly three in five (57%) of Irish nationals who relocate abroad have cited climate and weather as one of their main causes for leaving.

The figure, part of the findings in the newly-published Expat Insider 2018 Survey, compares to a global average of just 45 per cent.

Irish emigrants are also more likely to remain permanently in their adopted countries than most other nationalities, the findings reveal.

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Almost one-third of Irish expats (31 per cent) have been living abroad in their current host country for more than ten years, compared to 24 per cent globally.

And 37 per cent of emigrant Irish nationals indicated they could “possibly imagine staying forever” in their host nation – compared to the global average of 32 per cent.

Passengers in Dublin Airport (stock image)
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Conversely, people who’ve moved to Ireland to live and work seen less happy with their new lives, according to the same survey of 18,000 expats.

Ireland was ranked a disappointing 43rd out of 68 countries in the study, with immigrants increasingly struggling with their finances and complaining about the “unaffordability of life in general”.

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