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Indian Startup PixaHive Is Helping Amateur Photographers Earn a Passive Income

PixaHive is one of the latest Indian startups that has taken the Photography Industry by storm. Founded by Rohit Tripathi on the 10th of August, 2020 this startup has the sole purpose of bringing the Indian photography community together. is a public domain photography platform and its services are 100% free for everyone. People who upload the image, and those who download the image as well. The concept of public domain photography is not very popular in India, and Rohit hopes that he can spread awareness about this and encourage more people to legally use images in their products and websites.

But the community which has benefited most from this startup is the community of Amateur photographers who had been looking for a platform dedicated to photographers to showcase their work and build a portfolio. Professional websites like Shutterstock, 500px, and Dribbble have strict regulations that make it difficult for beginners.

What makes PixaHive lucrative for beginners is its reward-based system where each photographer is paid between Rs. 10 to 20 for uploading a photograph. But this small amount increases by 400% if the image is well-edited and properly clicked. And the bonus is up to 700% if the photograph is absolutely professional.

Such reward systems and a community of Indian photographers, help users understand what’s lacking in their skills and how can they be further improved. Winning a bonus up to 700% keeps the motivation and morale of the users high.

This reward system has been helping many small and new photographers earn a solid passive income while they are still in college or an unpaid-intern with a company.

But PixaHive is not just an upload-and-earn platform. The purpose is to make you a better photographer. To do so, we also have weekly photography competitions with huge cash prizes where users have a chance to challenge themselves and learn from others in a healthy and fun competition.

The Future for PixaHive is bright, as within 2 weeks of its launch the platform has received over 2000 Image submissions and the fan following on Facebook and Instagram is growing rapidly as well.

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