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A new internet campaign has been launched that promises to give cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ICO experts the chance to earn passive income thanks to their knowledge. Called the ICO Detective campaign, this is an initiative from Crypto-Potential that aims to help you to evaluate cryptocurrencies.
As part of this scheme, anyone who is interested in new blockchain projects and has specialist knowledge of the subject is being encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on the latest ICOs.

Who Are Crypto-Potential?

The company behind this idea is building what their site labels as a “specialized ICO reports ecosystem”. Basically, their aim is to allow you to become part of the crypto elite by using your experience to make a robust community of ICO (initial coin offering) specialists.

The Crypto-Potential project is currently undergoing the private sale segment of its own ICO. This phase started on September 10, 2018, and is it due to run until the goal is achieved.

After this, the pre-sale and public sale of tokens are both penciled in for the second quarter of 2019. The soft cap for the project is 3 million Swiss francs and the hard cap is set at 9 million Swiss francs. At the time of writing, 1 Swiss Franc is worth $US 1.01.

What Does the Campaign Involve?

The ICO Detective campaign allows crypto experts to use their knowledge in order to evaluate ICOs and report back on them using the Crypto-Potential platform. This allows investors to better understand upcoming ICOs by reading expert opinion on them. The experts can also review whether it makes sense to buy existing cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC).

Detectives who produce reports in this way are to be rewarded with the ecosystem’s own CP tokens when investors access their reports. You will carry on earning passive income provided that other people continue accessing these reports over time.

Prospective detectives can sign up for the campaign directly on the Crypto-Potential website. After you have filled in your basic details, you will be contacted by the team if you are chosen for the interview stage.

Crpyto-Potential are asking investors to become detectives

The Incentives

There are a number of incentives that have been created to encourage crypto experts to sign up to this project. For a start, Detectives will get a reward of 500,000 CP tokens for working in this way throughout the campaign.

You will also be able to purchase further CP tokens during the ICO at 25% of the normal public price. When you verify an ICO review, the company behind the new cryptocurrency will provide the payment that you receive for reviewing it. These tokens are then released as visitors view the report that has been prepared on the ICO.

Ultimately, the amount of money that an ICO detective makes will be linked to the success of the Crypto-Potential platform and the number of people who use it. Since you will be rewarded in the ecosystem’s native currency, the value of your rewards will also be worth more or less depending upon the CP token’s exchange rate.

Overall, this sounds like a useful campaign that allows crypto enthusiasts to earn money by using their experience and knowledge to good effect. It should also help potential ICO investors to make better decisions and avoid the scam ICOs that are out there.

The number of people interested in good ICO reviews should help to make this a success. However, the recent news that eToro is cutting the cost of buying existing coins should also act to further stimulate the currencies that are already on the market.

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