How to travel for free with credit card hacks: miles, points, rewards

Hannah and Chad Janis are traveling the world for free thanks to their credit cards.
Courtesy of Hannah and Chad Janis

Hannah and Chad Janis have shared a love of adventure since they met while attending Brigham Young University. So after a brief stint in New York City working in finance, they decided quit their jobs and travel the world — for free.

Thanks to 42 credit cards that helped them earn 2 million points in one year, they’ve visited 18 countries (with many more on their itinerary) and saved a total of $62,000 on travel expenses.

But they’re not keeping their strategies to themselves. Chad designed an app called Wall Street Minimalist to help people track credit card rewards and find the best ways to score free flights. You can also follow their adventures on Instagram and YouTube as well as their website, Hannah and Chad.

Chad Janis spoke to INSIDER about their tried-and-true travel hacks that have earned them free trips.

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