How This Entrepreneur Keeps Her Business Changing with the Times

Cynthia Rowland is the founder and CEO of Rejenuve, Inc. an anti-aging company that deals in natural products, “Because we know that natural beauty is what makes women look fantastic!” she said. The company offers the Facial Magic exercise program for the face and neck, the Luscious Lips lip plumper, and an entire array of skincare items based on botanical and natural ingredients.

Why did you start your company?

My background is in physical fitness and business. Early on, I went to work for Jack LaLanne. I was a trainer at the beginning and then worked into management. From that experience, I learned everything about sculpting a body, but nothing about sculpting a face. After that, I married and went into the oil business with my husband, but we did not stay together. I moved away and heard about this woman from France who was living in Colorado who offered a non-surgical facelift program using exercise. This intrigued me because Mr. LaLanne always wanted to develop an exercise program for the face. There was something about this woman’s program that resonated with me. I went to Colorado and met with her. I ended up staying with her for a year. I had the most amazing experience learning from her about how to stop the aging process and sculpt the face. She wanted me to take this process and teach it to everyone. Over the years, we went from a VHS to a DVD to on-demand and digital downloads.  

How did you fund the business at the start?

I had just enough saved to shoot the how-to video. I produced it and had help from neighbors and friends. I took it to a company that worked with Home Shopping Network. They were so impressed, they backed me financially. We ended up breaking all kinds of sales records at Home Shopping and QVC.

How do you manage cash flow?

I have a gentleman that handles all that for me. I trust him implicitly. He’s been with me for 28 years, keeping me out of trouble. You have to have someone in your realm who understands finance.

What’s the most challenging thing about running the business?

Staying up to date. The skincare industry and beauty business is forever changing. I always want to be on the cutting edge and have the right kind of products to offer with the exercise program.

What’s the most rewarding thing about running the business?

Getting all of those testimonials from men and women across the world about how their faces have changed. It makes me so excited!

What’s the biggest mistake you made at the start?

One of my friends was a publicist who recommended I go on local TV in Denver when I was first starting the program. I did, and it was amazing. But, plastic surgeons started hearing about my program and began to say and write things about my program that they had no knowledge of. It was frightening because I thought I had great news to share with the world – You can save your face without plastic surgery! But, the plastic surgeons started throwing big rocks at me. Dermatologists did get behind me. The bottom line is, don’t let anybody detour your dream. You’ve got to stay on track. People can be vicious. You just have to go with it and know that you know the truth.

What’s the smartest thing you did when you were starting out?

I just decided to help this little woman from France with no money to speak of. She just had so much knowledge of the face. That, to me, was the most exciting aspect of beginning this exercise program that turned into a business.

What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

Stay with your dream. Write your business plan. We wrote one and it happened exactly backwards! But get your thoughts on paper. And, stay in the attitude of gratitude. There will be different people who show up all along the way. That’s just part of the karmic wonderland of life that all comes back to you.

What’s next for Rejenuve?

We’re working on a new skincare line that will be introduced right at the first of the year. You have to stay ahead of the game or someone will outsmart you and take away your business. Other than that, I’m just making sure that the people who buy our program are getting the results that they want.

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