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Here’s How Felix He (CreditFelix) Helps Early Stage Entrepreneurs Leverage Credit to Grow Their Business

The understanding of managing your finances well doesn’t come easily. Also, in the current scenario it is really tough to get credit from the market at low interest rates. Felix He aka Creditfelix is one person who has been assisting the people with their finances. The young entrepreneur runs a credit repair agency called Ivy League Credit which helps businesses and consumers in fixing and optimizing their credit.

From being a person who was in student debt of $50,000, he is now someone whose network has reached over six figures. So what’s the secret behind his success? According to Felix, he has focused a lot building relationships and expanding his network over the years. For having a better understanding of his field, he had enrolled himself in a number of programs. He used to fly out to the states to attend seminars and coaching programs personally.

Felix is someone who believes in working with passion and curiosity. He says, “Passion plays a big part in loving what you do and understanding that your achievements are not measured in monetary terms but the impact made to others. Being curious helps in your continuous growth and building lasting relationships.”

But just like any other person starting something new, it was not easy for him as well. It took him four years to reach where he is today and as he himself says, there’s still a long way to go for him. Having managed his finances poorly and going in debt as a teenager, he learnt it the hard way.

But it’s all about focusing on your finances working around the system and taking advantage of it that makes it all possible. Going by what the entrepreneur says, it is very important to start building your credit in your early days, all while having a dedicated plan in place.

When asked as to what makes him stand out in this industry, Felix says that he has always maintained his dignity and integrity by staying true to his words. “There are a lot of people that are smarter and more successful than me in this space. But one thing that keeps me apart, is that I stay true to my words. For me, the client’s trust and relationship is above money. How I see life is that money comes and goes, but your brand and relationships with others stays forever.”

As a piece of advice for all, Felix says that one should avoid procrastinating. Instead of dreading about things, learn to embrace it and you will excel in life.

Interestingly, the young entrepreneur is coming up with a new 12-week training program. It has been developed to teach people the fundamentals of credit building, benefits optimization, travel hacking, and ultimately wealth-income building. It’ll also train people in starting their online business by leveraging strategic 0% debt.

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