Here are 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in September

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe, known as Cyrpto Michaël on social media, commented on the 5 altcoins he was most curious about his September performance with his video. Cyrpto Michaël; Ontology (ONT) studied the charts of Wanchain (WAN), Celer Network (CELR), Troy (TROY) and Swipe (SXP).

Ontology (ONT)

Cyrpto Michaël said ONT, currently valued at around $ 0.87, is just starting the uptrend and is climbing the ladder with confidence. The analyst, stating that ONT is on its way to compensate for the steep fall in March, has continued to rise gradually for the last few months, and added that ONT has managed to stay above the support zones. Michaël sees the stepping up, preserving the support zones, foreshadowing an uptrend. At the same time, the analyst pointed out that a squeezing movement was observed in the charts of the last week and said that if the ONT exceeds the resistance zone of $ 1 – 1.15, the next resistance can be seen around $ 1.37.

According to Cyrpto Michaël, if this possible second zone of resistance is exceeded, the ONT value could see $ 1.60. Emphasizing the importance of the $ 1 – 1.15 band that ONT has been trying continuously for the mentioned targets for the last 1 year, the analyst said that the subbase that the altcoin should hold is $ 0.80.

Wanchain (WAN)

Saying that Wanchain’s big drop in May did not seem like a good sign for a while, analyst Michaël said that after this decline, WAN has drawn a solid uptrend. For Michaël WAN, he emphasized that 0.000025 BTC ($ 0.30) levels should not be lost, adding that he has observed a consolidated uptrend since his fall. According to the analyst, WAN; If it can break the level of about $ 0.50, it can find a place in the $ 0.58 and $ 0.72 range, which can be considered between the two resistance zones.

Celer Network (CELR)

Saying that the Celer Network is putting pressure on the resistance zone, analyst Poppe said that CELR is based on the highest value in the previous bullish rally as the support zone, $ 0.0093. The analyst also stated that a bottom move has recently been observed for CELR, but it could rise by making a ‘V’ from here. According to Poppe, if CELR can sustain this upward trend, $ 0.0230 could be the next resistance zone. Similar to CELR’s ONT, without falling under the support areas; Stating that it is showing a stepped rise, the analyst thinks that the CELR value can reach $ 0.0400 in the best scenario.

Troy (TROY)

Emphasizing that Troy should not fall below the 0.0058 band, the analyst; If it can protect this area, your next target for TROY is; He said that it could be a value that will delight its investors and followers. According to Cyrpto Michaël, this value could be around $ 0.012. Pointing out that this value is also a resistance zone for Troy, the commentator emphasized that the resistance after crossing here could be $ 0.017. Crypto Michaël, when Troy price was around 0.012 or 0.017; He stated that he might consider selling for profit.

Swipe (SXP)

Analyst Michaël said for SXP that there was a sudden drop after its uptrend in mid-August, but a gradual uptrend has been observed in recent weeks. Stating that the resistance zone at $ 3.17 is an important limit for the SXP, which has recently managed to hold onto the support zones, the expert added that he does not expect a drop below $ 2.28. Stating that SXP’s first target is $ 3.36 if it breaks the $ 3.17 resistance, the analyst argued that the SXP price could rise up to $ 4 by passing here.

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