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The Cypriot health system is now called GESY, to enroll into this system you have to be of UK pensionable age and be in possession of the S1 form issued by the UK health authority which enables the health authority here to reclaim any costs back from the UK.

I’m afraid that’s incorrect. If you are a resident of the government controlled areas of Cyprus you are a GHS beneficiary if:

a) you are employed, or
b) you have acquired permanent residence status, or
c) you are a member of the family of a beneficiary or
d) you are insured in another EU Member State.

The Form S1 enables those of state retirement age not having to pay contributions to GESY (as these will be paid the HMG.)

In mog’s case his/her GESY contributions will be deducted when he pays his tax.

Even if he decides to take out private medical insurance, he/she will still have to pay GESY contributions.



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