Good Leaders Embrace New Ideas

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You need to innovate in order to come up with something new. In this world of constant technological change and updates, to be a leader who does not embrace new ideas is to throw yourself out of leadership. Innovation can sustain you as a good leader. To be able to come up with and also go along with innovations, you must be one who readily embraces new ideas.

A leader embraces new ways of doing old things. There are always different ways of doing any particular thing. Exploring new ways of doing the same things you have been doing can open up a whole new world to you. I am very open to new ideas. I do not mind changing things I have been doing in a particular way for a long time. I find that God is a God of positive change!

God is also a God of improvement! A good leader makes it his business to continually improve. This is also innovation! Innovation is the introduction of new processes and new methods. A leader who embraces new methods and new processes for the work he is involved in is likely to forge ahead far better than one who does not. New methods may introduce speed, greater efficiency and may even reduce cost. Do not shy away from new methods! They have the potential to make you surge forward!

A good leader is interested in working on what exists, in order to get an improved version. There is usually better than what exists so a leader who likes to innovate would be interested in improving on what currently exists and he is able to get something better than what he has. He may get something with an improved efficiency or something which gives better results. Sometimes, innovation leads to a more effective and useful product which yields a better profit for the manufacturer.

One of the things important for the survival of any entity is the ability of that organisation to keep its costs down. When an organisation is able to upgrade its systems and processes to the point where there is an improved product at a lower cost, the organisation would have achieved efficiency. It would mean that the organisation has become more adept at doing its work.

Embracing new ideas is directly related to the introduction of a new invention. This means that your ability to be open to a new idea can lead to your becoming a beneficiary of a new product. That is why innovators and creators of new products are paid heavily for their achievements. Many times, an inventor is born when he recognises a gap that needs to be filled and follows that realisation to create something that answers the need.

A few years ago we did not have iPhone and iPads. There was a gap in our lives. Some people saw this need and did not rest till they satisfied the need with these products. Usually, when you answer a need with a unique product, you call your price. This makes innovators and inventors rich. This is why all nations which have innovated, invented and created things like watches, cars, telephones, televisions, videos, iPods, iPads, computers, aeroplanes, trains, air conditioners, heaters, pianos, guitars, washing machines, cookers, microwave ovens, blenders, motor bikes, etc., have become rich. Think about it! Is there a gap you recognise? Can you work with a team to answer that need? Can you adopt a new way, a new style, a new method to achieve the answer? Are you ready to try this new idea? Are you open to new and unusual things?

God is a God of change. God also does new things. Dear leader, open your heart to embrace new ideas. Be open to try new methods when you have opportunity. A new way of doing things may be the key to pushing you out ahead of everyone else in your field. When I practised the lay ministry, I didn’t do it because I saw others doing it. I did it because it needed to be done, even though it was new. You may have many such things in your line of work. Take a bold step and do that new thing that no one has ventured with and you can create something new and useful.

I am following my Heavenly Father who is a God of new things. Be like your heavenly Father. There is no better mentor. Your leadership will be stunted if you are not prepared to embrace new ideas. The world is constantly changing. Old systems and approaches no longer work. Computers have refashioned the way we do things. Seasons change! Needs change! And people change! That is why God constantly introduces fresh and new things. Become a leader who embraces new ideas!

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