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Generate income without working? We tell you how to do it

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Have you ever heard of passive income? These are activities that leave economic benefits to people but without the need to do any type of work. This could represent extra income or even a form of personal or family support.

There are also active income, the difference is that for these people do need to carry out a job that involves some physical or mental effort, for which they will receive in exchange a fortnightly, monthly salary or as agreed.

Increase your income this way. Photo: Pixabay

For now we will focus on passive income, according to Bancomer Financial Education, from BBVA Bancomer, these can give us benefits without having to do a job, but you should know that to achieve this an initial effort is needed so that you can see the results either at medium or long term. Therefore, we tell you three ways in which you can generate passive income.

1. Rent properties

This is a good way to earn income because when renting a property the other person must pay a stipulated amount. Although at first you will need to invest your money to buy the house, premises or apartment to rent it, in the end it could be a good way to get money without having to do any work.

2. Invest

Currently there are several ways in which you can invest your money, with which you can make a profit for it. For example, making time deposits is a good way to generate passive income.

Fixed-term deposits work as follows: you deposit a sum of money within a stipulated period and at the end of the day you will receive your money with the interest it has generated in your favor.

3. Contents or licenses

This applies in the case that you have published a book, for example, since in this way you will obtain a percentage of profit when someone buys a copy. Not only can it be done in this way, one of the best known current cases would be that of people who make content for YouTube, since every time someone sees a video that was uploaded to the platform, the creator receives a percentage of profit for it .

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