Friends, if you’ve ever wondered who is the richest actor in the series here is the answer you were looking for

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Friends with money. After seeing how much the patrimony is worth cast members of Friends know who is therichest actor it will leave you stunned. But let’s go in order. Friends it was the most followed and loved series of the 90s. The stories of a group of 6 friends from New York, who at the turn of the 30 years, face loves, quarrels, work and family situations with jokes, some of which have gone down in history (She is your lobster!). If you never got to see it, Friends is on Netflix with all 10 seasons. Yes, because it was such a successful sitcom that it went on for 10 years and the public continued to grow, just as the bank account of the 6 protagonists continued to grow. And what I say grow, I mean figures at many zerosthe! Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer e Matthew Perry it can be said that a Friends they owe all their luck, not only because for many of them it was the launching pad for their film career, but also because it made them all extremely rich aka millionaires. We have decided to do some accounts and you want to know who among the Friends cast members is the richest? In the end you will also want gods Friends like them … if only for the bank account!

Friends, the highest paid actors and the compensation in the different seasons

“Show me the money” was a note from Tom Cruise in the film Jerry Maguire, and we believe all of them protagonists of Friends he said it when he realized the huge success the series was having. Before seeing the individual assets from Friends actors, let’s give you a brief summary of how Jennifer Aniston & Co.’s compensation has grown season after season. Spoiler: the figures are mind-boggling.

Season 1

Most of the Friends actors he was almost unknown before he started recording the series. So they had to “settle” for $ 22,000 500 per episode. Yes, by episode. Considering that in the first season there were a total of 24 episodes and if math is not an opinion, each of them pocketed a total of 540 thousand euros.

Season 2

Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry, are still receiving compensation of just over $ 20,000 per episode. Poor things! The figures are not specified but for the second season of Friends, each brought home a fee of between $ 500,000 and $ 900,000.

Season 3 -8

It is precisely in season 3 that we believe we said the phrase “Show me the money”. The friends decided to become a team and negotiated their compensation with the production. Let’s face it, why settle for $ 20,000 an episode when you might have a lot more? Result: for the third season of Friends each of them took $ 75,000 per episode, in season 4 it rose to $ 85,000 per episode, $ 100,000 per episode of season 5, $ 125,000 per episode in season 6, reaching $ 750,000 per episode for seasons 7 and 8. If your jaw has opened slightly in amazement, wait because there are still 2 seasons left.

Season 9-10

In seasons 9 and 10 things really went further. THE Friends they have become very wealthy considering that they have reached the record figure of 1 million dollars per episode, which means that they have earned 24 million dollars for season 9 and another 18 million dollars for season 10. We would like to specify that it is a gross compensation, because then they had a 2% cut for union profits. Definitely a bad blow!

Well, now that we have taken a first look at what has been poured into their current accounts over the years, the time has come to discover the heritage of each of them. We put them in order from those who are damn damn rich to those who are damn rich.

Friends, the richest actor is … JENNIFER ANISTON

Estimated assets: $ 300 million

Um …. yes, we made the same face! Jennifer Aniston is definitely the most successful actress afterwards Friends. In addition to her acting career, she also became a producer, as well as the time of several advertising campaigns. You know The Morning Show, the series in which he stars and for which he won a SAG Award (yes, it is the evening when Brad Pitt watched Jennifer Aniston’s thank you speech from the TV behind the scenes)? Well, for this series, Jen earns $ 2 million per episode! Understood as the heritage of Jennifer Aniston you reach $ 300 million? #girlpower

COURTNEY COX (Monica Geller in Friends)

Estimated assets: $ 150 million

A step below Jennifer Aniston, we find her friend and colleague Courtney Cox. After Friends, the ex Monica Geller has become one of the faces of the horror saga Scream, as well as the protagonist of another TV series Cougar Town, for which she also received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Precisely for this series he earned $ 275,000 per episode. He shot a total of 102 episodes, we let you do the math …

MATTHEW PERRY (Chandler Bing in Friends)

Estimated assets: $ 120 million

Ok Matthew Perry, it’s not like he had all this great acting career afterwards Friends. Yes ok, he starred alongside Zac Efron in 17 Again but it does not justify such a high patrimony. In fact, we believe that part of his funds come from some (excellent) real estate investments made and that have earned him a lot of cash. Example: He resold a Hollywood villa that he had bought for $ 8.5 million to $ 12.5 million. Not bad a profit of 4 million. And good Matthew!

LISA KUDROW (Phoebe Buffay in Friends)

Estimated assets: $ 90 million

In addition to her role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends, Lisa Kudrow has never established herself as a great actress although it must be said that she has had a lot of secondary parts in films such as Therapies and Bullets, P.S. I love you, bad neighbors, the girl on the train… In addition to making several appearances in TV series like Scandal, Grace & Frenkie and Web Therapy, where instead she was the protagonist. She too, turned to the real estate market and managed to make excellent deals.

DAVID SCHWIMMER (Ross Geller in Friends)

Estimated assets: $ 85 million

David Schwimmer is famous for playing the role of Ross Geller in Friends and … er … let’s see … ah yes, he took on the role of Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story and … wait, there was more … he lent the voice to the giraffe Melman, in the original Madagascaris it worth? In short, David Schwimmer’s heritage comes largely from Friends, but honestly we can’t understand how it can be so tall.

MATT LEBLANC (Joey Tribbiani in Friends)

Estimated assets: $ 80 million

Matt LeBlanc closes our ranking of who the is richest cast member of Friends. : – | Matt, but you’re just damn rich and the throne is only by Jennifer Aniston. As with David Schwimmer, Matt Leblanc’s assets also come mainly from Friends. He was the protagonist of Joey, the spinoff of Friends, whose stories revolved around Joey Tribbiani, but let’s face it, we could also do without it. Sorry again Matt. What he has to recognize, however, is having torn a £ 2 million deal from the BBC to host Top Gear, in 2016.

If at the end of this article you have already looked for a course to become rich … that is, to become an actress, we understand you very well.

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