Five Things You Can Now Do On The Go

The mobile revolution has been well underway for more than a decade now. And new things are still coming to our fingertips. Whether in the form of new functionalities on the phone itself, or new apps being rolled out by small, dynamic start-ups, it seems like every day our tiny phones become more and more powerful.   

Thanks to the creative genius of techies around the world, we can enjoy an increasingly convenient lifestyle, freeing up more and more time to do what we love most, and spend time with our friends and families. Let’s take a look at the things we are most grateful for and surprised about being able to do on the go. 

Follow Odds for Your Favourite Teams

Sports fans can now keep a closer eye on upcoming matches. The world of sports moves so quickly, we have long needed apps to helps us keep up. Check out one of the best new apps for sports betting to make sure your odds update regularly with the latest news.

Having this ability on the go is especially important when money is on the line. Like Wall Street traders, things can change quickly, so being able to make a decision whenever you need to is a big advantage. 

Find Retro Looks 

For a long time now we have been able to stay up to date on trends in fashion and accessories. Whether directly from retailers’ websites or from online stores such as Amazon, we have been able to browse and buy the latest in clothing.

However, something newer is the used clothing market in the form of smartphone applications. Now you can sort, see, and savor retro looks all from your phone. Which apps are available will change depending on your country of residence. In the United Kingdom, check out the Gumtree app, or Vinted, for finding the best looks at the best prices. 

Do Your Grocery Shopping

Between working full time, keeping up our homes, and finding a moment to relax with family, we do not always have as much time to go grocery shopping as we would like. Luckily there are now plenty of apps available so you can grocery shop on your morning commute. Best of all, they’ll deliver it to your home, saving you even more time.

The best of all is that each app tends to offer new user bonuses. You can even shop at local, independent grocery stores. Browse through and pick your favourite, or sign up at multiple apps to stay up to date on the best deals.

Protect the Environment

The digital revolution has the potential to be a big environmental protector. As music moves to streaming, rather than plastic CD’s, and stores require less space for customers to browse physically, the green impact is apparent. 

Another way to take a notch out of your carbon footprint is with Too Good To Go. Once you download this app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, you can start picking up food that would otherwise go to the dump. 

Food waste has a huge carbon footprint. By some measures, it is even larger than animal husbandry. Do your part by saving fruits, vegetables, bread, and even longer-lasting shelf items such as olive oils from going to waste. 

Of course, it’s never bad to save a few Pounds. The food you buy here will be discounted by 50% or more. 

Learn a Language

Expanding your horizons has never been easier. In our increasingly globalized world, it is easy to connect with someone on the other side of the planet. Trips to places where they speak other languages are fast and accessible. 

Luckily, our ability to learn languages has kept up the pace. Wherever you are, you can plug in your earphones and practice a foreign language. Duolingo and Roseetta Stone are the most popular but definitely not the only language-learning apps. Most languages even have specific apps just for that language. 

Plus, many language teachers have moved to online classes. Shop around and find a native speaker who can teach you one-on-one. All in the comfort of your own home. 



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