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Felix He’s journey from a student to a successful credit repair agency owner

Felix He aka Creditfelix had started off as a teenager who was in $50,000 student debt. But now he is someone who has a 6 figure net worth and runs a credit repair agency.

His company, Ivy League Credit helps businesses and consumers in fixing and optimizing their credit.


Over the past two years, they disputed over $2 million in negative disputes, collections and bankruptcies accounts. His team also operates a funding department where they assist the online entrepreneurs access credit at 0% APR and invest in various streams of income.

In a time span of just a few months, they have served over 207 entrepreneurs and have helped their members get over $2,500,000 in 0% interest credit.

All of this comes with Felix’s understanding of the finances and the market. In his early days he had joined programs learning about credit and wealth building space.


Now he is using his knowledge in helping people leverage their credit. He believes in working with passion and curiosity as he says that one’s achievements are not measured in monetary terms but on the basis of impact made on others.

According to Felix, relationships and building a network plays an important role in growing a brand and business. Talking about making his name in the industry, he recalled, “I would personally fly out to the states for in person mentorships, seminars, and coaching to form those connections. Over the years, it yielded me great results. My biggest advice for making a name for yourself would be to build strategic partnerships with established influencers in the space you’re in.”


It has not been an easy journey for him. He himself has been a teenager who mismanaged his finances finding himself in debt. But he went on to understand the financial and credit space, working on certain strategies to leverage debt and credit.

That is why the young entrepreneur says that it is very important to build your credit in your early years. It will enable you to leverage the bank’s money to fund any ventures you may have or in general apply for loans. But all of this should happen while having a dedicated plan in place.

Explaining what sets him apart in this industry, Felix says, “I stay true to my words. I have always prioritized my clients’ trust and relationship over money. If I can’t successfully deliver what I promise, I will have this giant guilt eating me from inside out. And it’s the worst feeling ever. How I see life is that money comes and goes, but your brand and relationships with others stay forever.”


He is currently working on a 12-week training program which is aimed at teaching people the fundamentals of credit building, benefits optimization, travel hacking and wealth-income building.

Their goal is to manage non-accredited investors’ money in various asset classes, stocks, real estates, start-ups and government projects.

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