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Fargo’s Fraud Squad: Repackaging Scams

By September 11, 2018 No Comments

Fargo Police Det. Phil Swans tells us about the latest schemes and scams during “Fraud Squad”

Detective Phil Swan join’s IT2’s Amy Iler and JJ Gordon the first Monday of every month to talk about scams, schemes and tricks that fraudsters are trying in our area.

This month, Detective Swan talks repackaging scams. 

Have you seen those fancy “work from home” ads… buyer beware! 

Detective Swan, Fargo PD, in the KFGO Studio

What should you do if you receive a scam call?

Report it here:



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(Amy Iler & JJ Gordon are talk-show hosts at 790 AM KFGO in Fargo-Moorhead. “It Takes 2 with Amy & JJ” can be heard weekdays 11am-2pm. Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyKFGO. Follow JJ on Twitter @JJGodon701.)

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