Entrepreneur Lindsey Smith talks Fashion Buddy app, technology (Includes interview)

Smith is a sophomore at Drexel University with an entrepreneurship major and digital media minor. “I was motivated by a new city [Philly], community [Drexel], and mentors [Entrepreneur program]. Everyone seemed to be sharing their insights and helping others which inspired me to start something of my own that I was passionate about too,” she said.

On her idea to start her Fashion Buddy app, she said, “My idea originally was about helping people decide what to wear to events. After really diving into what problem I really wanted Fashion Buddy to solve I realized that it’s more than just not knowing what to wear. For most people, it’s about not wanting to feel judged for asking for a second opinion or feeling insecure about how they look.”

Digital transformation of lifestyle and fashion industry

On the impact of technology on the lifestyle and fashion world, she said, “There has been a big push on online shopping and ordering from Amazon. Local stores are challenged from the shift to online retailing. They are struggling to get customers to come into their stores. Technology has made it possible for retailers to connect with their customer outside of their storefront. As easy and fast as it is, customers are sacrificing the quality they need to feel confident. Social media has put emphasis on how you look. And Fashion Buddy has emphasis on how you look but in a judgment-free zone.”

Smith continued, “The digital revolution is starting to show consequences financially; however, I see digital channels helping pivot the economic consequences by bringing back quality customer experiences. Technology will provide new innovation including the fashion industry. Independent boutiques and large merchandising companies will all look to achieve results with technology. Hopefully Fashion Buddy.”

Regarding her daily use of technology in her daily routine, Smith said, “I listen to a lot of podcasts to keep myself motivated and up to date on what is happening in the technology and fashion industry. It is really helpful to read other entrepreneurs’ stories to get their insights or see if I can avoid some of the mistakes they ran into starting their ventures.”

On her future plans, Smith said, “I want to find a way to use my interest in tech to generate a social impact to establish judgment-free environments. I am looking to partner with nonprofits and impact those who struggle to find confidence in their lives.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Smith said, “Network and value communications skills and soft skills, you don’t want to skip over all the opportunities to learn and get a stronger foundation. The digital world is constantly changing and the best way to stand out and have a competitive advantage is if you focus on what the users and customers want from you, not your product.”

“I created Fashion Buddy to merge digital and physical retailing so that customers can have a quality experience when shopping for what will make them confident,” she said. “It takes all the negativity out. Fashion Buddy isn’t just another shopping app. We want you to feel good no matter what you wear. Everyone deserves to feel confident. Beauty isn’t about your size, how expensive your outfit is, or how your hair is done – it’s about feeling confident as you.”

To learn more about Fashion Buddy, check out its official website.

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