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Emmerdale’s Victoria Sugden looks in trouble as bad boy Leon tries it on

By November 15, 2018 No Comments

Victoria Sugden has had a lot to deal with over the recent weeks – mainly that her husband is innocent of murder and is actually on the run with a new woman, living abroad.

So she has been turning her attention to other guys, including Jessie Grant’s son Ellis and even Adam’s brother, Matty.

But now she is in even more danger when she heads out with Leon, who has a pretty poor reputation and tries to take things too far.

Victoria is shocked by Leon’s words

She tries to separate Robert and Leon

Victoria invites Leon back to her place after a date, they kiss, but Leon wants more than just a smooch.

He tries to take things further but Victoria pushes him away, sparking an angry rant from him.

Leon starts being verbally abusive until Robert arrives, after he hears about the pair’s date.

He throws Leon out sharpish – but will Victoria finally urn to her family for support?

Debbie finds Graham struggling with drink

Also, Noah Dingle pleads with her big sister Debbie to help Graham Foster, who is clearly troubled since Joe’s “disappearance.”

Debbie agrees that she will help out, but will Graham open up to her?

And finally, Rishi Sharma makes a rash decision.

Emmerdale airs tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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