Earn Passive Income from Masternode Sharing Service?

2Masternodes: A Model for Earning Passive Income?

Masternodes are a new way of cryptocurrency mining. A masternode server is a decentralized system, complete with cryptocurrency blockchain. This enables it to perform various tasks such as approving and initiating transactions along the network.

What exactly are 2Masternodes? According to the information on their official website, anyone can use 2Masternodes to purchase a masternode or masternode share in just a few clicks. It requires no registration, and only stores the user’s wallet address. The platform charges 10% as the service fee, which is effective only when the rewards arrive.

Understanding 2Masternodes

The automated masternode share service works seamlessly to enable users to easily conduct a transaction as they wait for passive income to arrive. With 2Masternodes, users can buy masternodes or shares faster, even without knowing how to set up a hosting.

Since the masternode server embraces a decentralized network, it can perform unique functions that ordinary nodes cannot. For example, it can do the following:

  • Direct sending
  • Private transactions
  • Instant transactions

As much as much as masternodes can perform the said tasks, users need to have deposits to start a masternode. Once closed, a user gets back the deposit. Masternodes utilize Proof-of-Stake protocol, which allows functionality that is like mining, but with no power consumption.

No pay for hosting, no hidden or extra payments involved, and an automatic process of creation and synchronization are some of the pillars of the 2Masternodes.

2Masternodes Stats

With the transparency that it embraces, it’s always possible to views various stats on their official website. As of this writing, there were 1668 co-owners, 535 Masternodes, and a total of $50824 paid. Users can also check specific information for other masternodes. For example, as of this writing, SMARTCASH had 139 co-owners, 58 nodes, and $753 total paid.

2Masternodes Features


No registration is required in order to use 2Masternodes. Users only need their wallet address to access the platform. The platform is transparent, open, and users are able to check transactions for other 2Masternodes hosts.


When it comes to generating a masternode, the process is completely anonymous and transparent. Users can keep an eye on the service operations through a blockchain explorer that shows the data of the crypto blocks.

Minimum Investment

As noted earlier, users have to make a minimum deposit of 1 percent of the masternode in order to access the service. For any amount less than 1 percent, the investment automatically returns to the user’s wallet. When it comes to payments, the minimum is 0.5 coins. For rewards less than 0.5 coins, the amount accumulates in the service account to add to the future rewards when the amount reaches the minimum reward.

How To Use 2Masternodes

Since it’s the first masternode hosting that works automatically, it is easier for users to buy a complete masternode or a fraction of a masternode. The platform automatically configures the user’s server, download, and coordinate the blockchain. What follows is the automatic payout of rewards to the co-owners of the masternodes according to the percentage of their investments. Users have to access their wallet addresses to begin selling their masternode shares. From the sales, they get coins back within two weeks for their masternode shares.

In some instances, you may realize that your investment is split into several masternodes. This is possible especially when you send a final investment at the time you compile the masternode. If that happens, part of the investment, usually a half, can go into the current masternode as the remaining half waits to join the next masternode.

2Masternodes Wallets

Like in any other crypto dealings, a full blockchain wallet is necessary if you intend to use 2Masternodes. The wallet should work specifically for a particular cryptocurrency and able to access the private keys. Some users may think that it’s enough as long as the wallet is registered on a crypto exchange.

However, this cannot work for 2Masternodes because even as the user, you receive the rewards anonymously. This means you send the rewards to the address on your investment form, which implies that you cannot use an exchange-generated crypto wallet. If you use such wallets to sign up, it’s likely you’ll never receive any rewards and the return on your investment.

2Masternode Fees

The service fee for 2Masternodes currently stands at 10 percent. This charge is only effective when you receive your masternode rewards. No need to worry about the charge if you don’t receive any masternode awards.

How Secure Is 2Masternodes?

2Masternodes embraces top-level security, which is evident in the way it works. First, there’s no registration and the only stored information is that of the wallet address. Besides, the process of masternode generation is transparent and anonymous. Since the platform is decentralized, users can easily monitor service operations. Above all, 2Masternodes observes strict compliance with industry standards and security solutions.

With several protection layers, each masternode operates on a unique virtual platform such as Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services. There is no direct IP access to such platforms and even node interactions happen on Elastic Load Balancers, which hides the real IP of the running node.

Additional security arises from the fact that no external internet access exists for the vital system parts such as the backend controlling incoming funds. Such critical parts remain concealed in AWD in Virtual Private Networks (VPN). 2Masternodes constantly checks any form of vulnerability even those discovered in the packaging and back-end stages.

Besides, 2Masternodes conducts a constant evaluation to detect any zero-day exploits and address them quickly. The platform observes limited access to mission-critical sections of the system and the parts exposed to the public internet do not have control over the funds.

Finally, yet importantly, 2Masternodes is an important tool for those who would like to own a masternode. The system works automatically to enable users to send their investments in just a few clicks so they can start earning rewards. Above all, the system is straightforward and simple to use.

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