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Don’t demonise Zambia, Zambians abroad advised

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Zambia’s permanent Representative to the United Nations., Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe (L) flanked by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Chalwe Lombe briefs the Press on the Upcoming 72nd UNGA and His Excellency President Edgar Lungu’s engagements in Newyork where he is expected to arrive on Sunday,17th September, 2017

Zambians living in the diaspora have been counselled to resist the temptation of being messengers of negative messages against Zambia because such harmful sentiments have the potential to adversely affect the country’s political and development trajectory.

Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Lazarous Kapambwe has said Zambians living abroad are the true ambassadors of the country and should therefore cultivate the spirit of patriotism and respect for their country and its leadership.

He cautioned Zambians in the diaspora against the misuse of information technology to negatively project the country’s leadership and the government.

Amb Kapambwe said it does not matter how far Zambians living in the diaspora are from their country because what is important is that they are citizens irrespective of their tribe, religion and political diversity.

Amb Kapambwe told Zambians living in the Tri-State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that if there are bad things being said about Zambia by citizens of other countries, it is because Zambians themselves are slandering their own country and leadership.

Amb Kapambwe said this at the commemoration of Zambia’s 54th independence anniversary at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations (UN) in New York.

He stated that the world would only perceive Zambia in light of how Zambians projected their country and its leadership and that he is saddened that some Zambian nationals have a tendency of misusing technology to politically and economically disparage their country.

Amb Kapambwe said it is important for Zambians living abroad to always be mindful of the responsibility of their citizenship as well as the duty that comes with the right of being a citizen of a country.

“We are here to celebrate our 54th independence anniversary and I want to share with you that when you Zambians living abroad say something about Zambia, people are more likely to believe you than they would if I said something about our country. We are living in the times of information technology and what we say about our country lives in cyber space forever and is believed by many people. So what others think about Zambia is what we say about our country. How the rest of the world is going to treat and perceive Zambia depends on what we say and how we project our leaders and government,” Amb Kapambwe said.

He stated that no one, including the leadership of the country could stop Zambians from having different opinions or to express themselves but that a spirit of patriotism should always be the guiding factor in their actions.

And Amb Kapambwe has expressed concern about the fragmentation of leadership among Zambian communities in New York and has advised that they should get organized and be united under one leadership.

He said it has been difficult for Zambians living in diaspora to welcome him because its leadership has remained fractured largely because of political inclinations.

Amb Kapambwe appealed to Zambians living in abroad to consider coming up with a united leadership that could serve their interests, stating that he is aware that there is a fragmentation of leadership serving the same community.

He said Zambians regardless of their religion, tribe, and political persuasion should be free to visit the Mission and interact with staff on a range of issues, stating that the Chancery shall always be their home away from home.

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