Dedicated to the Overworked Entrepreneur

This post is dedicated to a special person. Is it you?

Do you need to hear the message that there is no such thing as guilt when it comes to self-care when it comes to looking back with hindsight?

Why are we so hard on ourselves when we give ourselves what we NEED to recalibrate, calm down, reset emotions, fuel joy and hope? When you are having a down day, what do you need to get up? You need peace. You need to know there is another side to your emotion. That you can take this time. (That somebody, somewhere is giving you permission to be, feel, do whatever and however you need to do and be.) Why do we need this permission?

Hustle and grind. Laudable, yes. But we cannot continue to pull from an empty energy source. We cannot tap into that devoid well.

You can go longer without eating than sleep. Think about that. Why would you deny yourself the healing elixir that is a human right, that replenishes cells, heals disease, grants clarity and serenity as a survival mechanism?

You need sleep to survive and you need to also be good to yourself in your self-care.

Not just because what you are doing feels good, but because of the message you send yourself.

I am worth it.

I matter.

I love myself.

I want to be around.

I want to feel happy.

I deserve to feel happiness.

We fight self-care because it feels selfish and we are conditioned to serve others first. That’s obviously fine and wonderful to be such a human steward of compassion, but you need to also send yourself messages every day that you MATTER through your actions.

Your self-care indicates you have a life worth caring about. You have responsibilities that matter and in turn YOU MATTER.

Maybe we deny ourselves the right to self-care because we feel we don’t deserve it? Because we minimize what we do in our heads.

Mothers are famous for this.

I am not running a business, working outside the home. I am just a SAHM. Excuse me? Then you are undertaking the most incredible and intricate work in the UNIVERSE, raising children who will be ripples of your love and care. You are influencing and setting the future with your nurturing. There is nothing more vital. Nothing.

Please, today, resist the urge to try and reason if you have the right to take care of yourself.

Find your moment in the sun.

Have that second cup of coffee.

Read for an hour.

Meet a friend for lunch.

Work on your self-talk. Here’s a tip: Call yourself and leave an amazing message. I would remind myself of a doctor’s appointment and end with “Oh yeah, don’t forget how amazing you are, badass! I love your face off!”

Go for a walk.

Sit in the grass and ground yourself to the world. You beat the odds to be here and feel the fortune of existing.

Pull yourself away from your screen and let the wind ruffle your hair.

Hug someone a little bit longer than you need to.  I bet they need it, too.

Put your own oxygen mask on and then tend to sending your love forth.

Self-care is not optional.

Stop asking permission to take care of yourself.



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