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Dallas Anesthesiologist Dr. Amir Baluch Debuts Powerful Solution to Help Doctors Earn 7-Figure Monthly Income

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2020 / If you combine passion, intelligence, a natural aptitude for medicine, and a father who was a successful internist, chances are good you would assume Dr. Amir Baluch was a shoo-in for the medical profession. You would think so, but in 2001, he failed to even get into medical school. Distraught and frustrated, he founded an electronic payments business. That failed, too.

At the age of 21, Amir learned one of the most difficult lessons in life – never trust your future to a single source of income. While he was able to resurrect himself, the veritable phoenix from the ashes, that teaching stayed with him, influencing his decisions, his goals, and, ultimately, his path to success.

Today, Dr. Amir Baluch is a successful anesthesiologist. However, he is also a Forbes Councils member, a successful entrepreneur, and a real estate investor. He also works with other doctors to help create 6 and 7-figure eCommerce stores, delivering passive income and peace of mind.

A Foundation for Success

Determined to liberate himself financially, he refused to focus all of his hopes and dreams for success on a medical career. Instead, he invested in himself. After reading hundreds of financial planning books, working with financial advisers, asset managers, and others in the industry, he spent several years learning the ropes in the stock market. That led him to real estate, where he quickly began to make consistent returns over 20%.

Since that point, he hasn’t looked back. He expanded his efforts, further shoring up his financial future. Amir obtained his Series 63 and 22 securities licenses and set up Investment Club Realty, LLC, followed by Funding Nest. He also authored the bestselling book, “Make It, Keep It”.

Dr. Baluch Offers an Expert Guiding Hand

Today, Dr. Amir Baluch enjoys multiple streams of income. He still practices as an anesthesiologist, helping his patients deal with their pain. However, he has also turned his attention to helping other doctors deal with their pain – the pain of an unsecured financial future. With the creation of his newest company, Global eCommerce Consultants, Dr. Baluch helps doctors build successful Amazon stores that deliver reliable, consistent, passive income.

Dr. Baluch is passionate about exploring new ways to make money and challenging old, antiquated ideas. Amazon offered a unique way to generate passive income while avoiding the risks of outdated ideas and methodologies, but it was Amir’s business strategy that truly made the difference. Using software of his own creation, he analyzed metrics to develop a winning formula. He focused on creating Amazon stores selling items that:

  • Moderate competition with high demand
  • Not seasonal with sales
  • Offered a minimum profit of $2
  • Delivered at least 10% ROI after fees
  • Sold in a minimum of 30 days

This unique combination allowed him to generate multiple streams of revenue with profitable, high-demand products. He also employs it on behalf of his clients in Global eCommerce Consultants. With each client, he takes a three-pronged approach:

  • Define the Niche: Finding the right niche is essential, and will include assessing personal experience and conducting extensive research. Dr. Baluch has a dedicated team of six fulltime employees dedicated to nothing but product research and analysis.
  • Creating Connections and Building Relationships: Successful eCommerce stores require strong relationships based on honesty, respect, following the rules, and being able to connect with managers, salespeople, store employees, and more. This involves meeting suppliers in person, attending conferences, and helping other brands grow.
  • Exploring and Comparing: It’s essential to explore a niche, compare items, and identify products that can deliver at least a 20% profit. Lower-priced competitors, related items that can be cross-sold, and step-up products for upselling are also important elements.

Today, Dr. Amir Baluch puts this strategy and proven philosophy to work on behalf of other doctors. His goal, as always, is to help others build multiple streams of passive income and develop true, lasting success through eCommerce.

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