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Czech accents are among the world’s sexiest, says a new survey

There are those among us who, after years of living and teaching in the Czech lands pick up a bit of an unwanted brogue, which unlike those who return from a semester abroad speaking with a cute lilt, can be a very real downfall of expat life in the Czech Republic.

But in some circles, a Czech accent is actually deemed sexy, at least according to a new survey. City guide Big Travel 7 put the world’s-sexiest-accent question to a vote polling readers from all corners of the globe as to which particular twang sets their insides a-tingle.

The Czech accent almost made the top ten, edged out by Brazilian Portuguese (10) to secure a spot as 11th sexiest world accent, their direct accent deemed “impressive” by survey takers.

Surprisingly, although perhaps in the Brexit era not so surprisingly, the Czech accent even outdid the Queen’s English (“Clear, clipped, and completely posh”).

The New Zealand “Kiwi” accent claimed the number one slot on the list of 50 accents, followed by South African, Irish, Italian, and Australian.

Scottish (6), French (7), Spanish (8), and Southern US (9) rounded out the remaining top ten.

While the Czech accent was ranked as sexiest among the Slavic languages, the Croatian accent came in last place as the 50th most sexy accent in the world.

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