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Credit Expert Umesh Agarwal Announces Exclusive Mentorship Program Opening Soon – Press Release

July 16, 2020 – Credit repair entrepreneur and mentor Umesh Agarwal, has announced the official launch of a new mentorship program that will help a handful of entrepreneurs learn credit secrets to build credit repair agencies that are largely automated and fueled by social media exposure. He is currently one of the top credit coaches in the world. 

Agarwal is currently a founding member of Credit 101 LLC, an experienced credit repair agency that is backing “credit in a box” services for entrepreneurs that want to start their own agency. With “credit in a box”, entrepreneurs will get all of the resources, tools, and strategies used by Credit 101 LLC on a day to day basis. This means the chance of failure significantly goes down given a proven system.

For Agarwal and his partners, this service comes with mentorship and day to day guidance to make sure each new agency is on the right track. If this seems too good to be true, it works because Credit 101 takes a rev share of each new agency in exchange for their services. This means it is in Credit 101’s best interest to make sure each new mentee and agency is successful.

Outside of this full-service offering, Agarwal also provides smaller mentorship services that include credit hacking, travel hacking, credit card optimization, and credit repair. Each service is bespoke depending on what a client is looking to learn and achieve. Under the “Inner Circle” brand name, this exclusive group is limited to 100 students.  

Mentorship is conducted through voice calls, video calls, and text messages, depending on the depth of the relationship. To date, Agarwal has helped dozens of entrepreneurs fix their credit, travel for free, and gain deep knowledge around credit in the US.

Agarwal’s experience is rooted in his humble beginnings when he came from India to the US for graduate school. As an engineer, Agarwal used his analytical abilities to learn everything he could about how credit operated in the US. As a new resident, the concept of credit and credit cards was foreign to him and at first, was intimidating. After a few years of hands-on experience, Agarwal started teaching friends and family how to navigate the complex world of personal finance in the US.

This led to establishing himself as a credit repairing expert something he has dedicated to for over 10 years by operating a luxury travel agency and credit repair business. This led to over 7 figures of revenue for his agency. For more advanced students, Agarwal teaches advanced credit hacking using manufactured spending and how to acquire low-interest credit lines by leveraging a good credit score and credit history. 

For interested students, you can learn more on Umesh’s personal website or by contacting him directly on Instagram

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