Child abuse still high, says Mbeya RC

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Mbeya. Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila said yesterday that the region faces enormous challenges of gender abuse against children; which include rape, sodomy, killings and maiming.

He said this when closing the sixth district level ceremony that took place at Ijombe ward in Mbeya to mark 25 years after Beijing’s Women Conference through the Tanzania Gender Network Programme (TGNP).

He said through false beliefs members of society think they can become rich by sacrificing their children. He, therefore, directed the police force to work together with TGNP to end such acts and ensure the culprits are apprehended.

“There are some culprits known by the community, but instead the community turns a blind eye to them as they rape and harm children. The children’s parents are in cahoots with these perpetrators on an understanding that the hideous act is kept discreet. It’s time to name them so they can face the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, TGNP board member, Devotha Mlay said the Network has been working with the public to investigate the incidents and called on the government to ensure the culprits are dealt with according to the law when they are apprehended

“It’s discouraging to see these people get released from police custody or courts yet they commit the crime. Such a decisions endanger the safety of the whistleblower,” he said.


In another development, she called on the government through its municipal budget to put up a gender desk that will empower women economically.


By Hawa Mathias @mwaikama

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