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Cheap Thanksgiving And Christmas Flights And Travel Tips

By October 9, 2018 No Comments


It feels like we’re barreling through October at a breakneck speed. That means one of the busiest travel seasons is rapidly approaching: Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We’re also right in the middle of the fall shoulder season, which means prices are in “sales” mode. It’s a good time to start thinking about buying that flight or booking a hotel if you want to travel last minute this month or well into next winter.

Below are some of the best deals on cheap flights and travel packages right now. These are the sites and Twitter feeds that you should be following and setting up alerts for. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop hard and act fast. Good luck out there and happy travels!


Speaking of holiday travel, prices are going to start inching higher and higher the closer we get to November. Now’s the time to book that Christmas vacation (or trip home) if you don’t want to pay a premium. One of the best bets is to check out Kayak Explore. Set it for “Christmas Week” from your home airport, and see what’s cheap to buy right now.

You can then scroll around a map of the world until you find that perfect price in the perfect spot.

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