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  • The future of digital nomads in Thailand

    Ann Carter is an award-winning journalist from the United States with over 12 years experience in print and broadcast news. Her work has been featured in America, China and Thailand as she has worked internationally at major news stations as a writer and producer. Carter graduated from the Walter Williams Missouri School of Journalism in […]

  • Tulsa Classroom Teachers Union Pushes For Work-From-Home Option

    Working from the classroom or home should be an option for teachers, according to the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Union. TPS leaders said their teachers work the best from their classrooms, even though those classrooms are empty right now because students are learning from home. The teacher’s union said some teachers prefer to choose. Shawna Mott-Wright […]

  • Co-working camps are set to be the big travel trend of 2021

    _“As many more people shift to remote working and setting up their own businesses, spending a month or two abroad to work on projects and explore will replace weekend city breaks and two-week ‘fly and flops’. It will also help lower people’s overall carbon footprint as they won’t jet around so often.”_ This was a […]

  • With HR supporting remote employees, IT steps up to fill technical gaps

    Many businesses realized the benefits of remote work this year. For some, it’s here to stay.  “We’ve had the ability to have a number of people — even before this pandemic took place — work from their homes,” said Ed Hutner, SVP of Human Resources at Deltek, of his company’s experience. “The technology that we […]

  • Digital Nomads: From Lagos to Fargo, the city of biting winters

    One of the things I experience in writing the digital nomads column every week is a reluctance from some of the subjects.  Many times, this reluctance isn’t because they don’t want to share their story, it’s because they sometimes feel like there’s nothing to share.  “I don’t think my life is interesting enough for a […]

  • SiliconANGLE reports Spatial VR introduces new auditorium environment and remote work updates

    Spatial Systems Inc., a holographic collaboration platform for augmented and virtual reality, today announced the addition of a new auditorium environment and other features and updates. Spatial told SiliconANGLE that the company continues to expand in this era of continuing remote work, with a 10-fold increase in usage since the launch of the Oculus Quest […]

  • Work from home brings new freedom, new distractions and new definition of ‘the office’

    The office of When I Work, a downtown Minneapolis software company, looks like many other trendy workplaces with its industrial-chic design, minimalist sofas, bright kitchen and free coffee. Its leaders have decided workers no longer have to work in it. Ever. “This is how we’ll be forever,” said Martin Hartshorne, the company’s chief executive. “We […]

  • How working in the office vs working from home affects productivity, innovation, culture and engagement

    Flexible work arrangements can improve work-life balance by reducing commute times and increasing the ability to focus. However, they may be diminishing returns for employees beyond a certain point of remote work. In a new report, titled Purpose of Place: History and Future of the Office, Cushman & Wakefield has highlighted the benefits of both office […]

  • Can Costa Rica Become a Remote Worker Paradise?

    Once upon a time, in the far distant past, before COVID-19, remote working was something other people did. People who worked for themselves in tech, teaching, or writing, freelancing their skills out to those who needed them.                                                                    Remote workers were called “digital nomads”. That term conjured up images of freedom-loving risk takers, willing to trade […]

  • Data Backup and Recovery Strategies during Work from Home

    5 All-Important Data Backup Strategies You Need to Work from Home With everything moving online at an unprecedented pace in the wake of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal. In an office environment, you have access to facilities that aid your workflow that help you get work done better, but this is […]