Catawba College Entrepreneur Launches DashFire Product Line on Sept. 11th

September 11, 2018

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After a year of research and development, Samuel Young, a business major at Catawba College, is launching his men’s skincare line this week. His company has grown a great deal in the past year. Young worked with one of the best labs in the nation to create a natural, effective skincare formula. The first product to be released is a Cleansing Face Scrub for Men.

Like the body wash Young was developing last time he was interviewed, his DashFire Face Scrub has a subtle, traditional, manly scent created from a combination of natural oils. The product actually has 16 natural oils and extracts in it which work together to clean naturally.

In addition to designing new products, this entrepreneur has spent the year working with designers and developers to build a brand that will give “guys the motivation and inspiration they need to be better men.”

“I see the vision for DashFire more clearly than ever!” Young says. “DashFire was built to give normal guys the motivation and tools they need to be better men. I think appearance has a great impact on our confidence and our ability to succeed in life. Looks matter, if you don’t have the appearance of being able to succeed, you may never get the opportunity to.”                                                        

samyoung.pngYoung explained his brand name: “‘Dashfire’ is a term from the 1800s that sailors used for men who had a certain heroic quality about them – they were super manly and brave and perhaps a bit crazy.  I loved the history behind that.  Deep down, I think all of us want to be that kind of guy. DashFire was built on the belief that every guy, if given the opportunity, can do something incredible with his life and it’s our job to help him do it. Our slogan was written to encourage guys to stop waiting for the future to become better, because today ‘It’s Time To Face The World’”.

Young said that this past year has really helped him create a more meaningful brand. In the development process, he adjusted the name, hired a new chemist, brought on graphic designers, and redesigned the website for search engine optimization.

As part  of the DashFire product launch, Young will be shipping products to everyone who has preordered, as well as to giveaway winners, and to Instagram influencers and bloggers.  He will also be active on his brand’s social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, promoting the product and posting reviews, but also sharing inspiration with other DashFire Men.

Dr. Renee Just, Assistant Professor and Director of Catawba’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Experiential Development (CEED), shares her pride in Young’s achievement: “He is truly an entrepreneur with a passion for creation, endless energy, and always looking for the ‘next great idea’!”

Young says he has dreamed his whole life of being an entrepreneur and has worked in business and been around successful entrepreneurs, but “it was Catawba which gave me the opportunity to succeed. Now that I am here at the brink of achieving my dreams. That means the world to me.”

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