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Vacation deprivation is a real thing — Expedia even conducted a survey about it and found American workers take the least amount of vacation days in the world.

“[Vacation] gives you a chance to relax and recharge and clear your head,” Alison Sullivan, a career trend expert at the website Glassdoor told Healthline. “Vacations reduces the stress that can build up when you are working, working, working.”

So instead of letting those paid days off go to waste, actually use them. By tacking them onto a long holiday weekend, you can extend a short vacation to be even longer.

“The biggest sacrifice I do have to make is time,” admitted Anna Beyder, PR professional and travel blogger at Stay Roaming. “I only have so much paid time off and have to factor in weekend birthday getaways, bachelorettes, weddings, and so forth.”

She said this year she is missing Thanksgiving with her family in order to use the paid holiday for a trip.

Sarah Serakalala is a South Africa native living in Spain and she runs the travel blog Cheap in Madrid. She has had similar experiences.

“I have given up being part of the big moments (like birthdays, Christmas) and small moments (like outings) with some of my closest family members. It is just not the same not physically been there,” Sarah told INSIDER.

Juggling family obligations with the desire to take a trip and limited vacation days (sometimes as little as 10, according to CNBC) can be a challenge, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’d like to spend that time.

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