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Anne Hathaway spent five hours in makeup for Witches and did own stunts while pregnant

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Anne Hathaway appeared on Lorraine on Thursday where she chatted to host Lorraine Kelly about her new film The Witches.

The pregnant actress plays the terrifying Grand High Witch in the remake of the Roald Dahl classic.

As scary photos of Anne’s costume have been circulating the internet, you may have thought it was mostly down to CGI.

But in fact most of the special effects were clever make up, and Anne explained it took five hours to get her ready for camera.

Anne was pregnant while shooting the film but did all the stunts she was permitted to do

But when her make up team were better practised towards the end of filming, it was just under four hours.

Lorraine asked if she could use the time sat in the make-up chair productively, such as knit a jumper or learn a language and Anne revealed: “You could do either of these impressive things, I did neither.

“But we listened to a lot of podcasts, a lot of Oprah [Winfrey] actually to keep our spirits up and learn something and hopefully develop into better people.”

Anne’s dramatic transformation was mostly created with make up

Anne plays the terrifying Grand High Witch

On doing her own stunts in the film, Anne said: “I was pregnant when I made this, so I did all the stunts I was allowed to do.”

She gave birth to her son Jack almost a year ago but did not reveal his name publicly until this week.

Speaking to Lorraine about getting through the pandemic, Anne explained: “It’s a very important time to not lose hope.

“I think there’s a lot of reasons to despair, but I have to believe that over a long enough time frame, we do choose each other and we do find love.”

She joked: “I wanted to do a role that was subtle, deeply felt, a bit quiet, but I didn’t find one so I did this.”

She added she had not seen the film in full yet, but said the scenes she had seen looked “amazing”.

* Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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