Amber Gill: ‘I’m glad I showed girls they could stand up for themselves’

By November 8, 2019 No Comments

Initially, I don’t warm to Amber Gill, victor with Greg O’Shea of this year’s Love Island. She barely acknowledges me when she enters the meeting room at The Times, instead heading to the window to film the view for her Instagram stories. “I’ve got to show everyone I’m working,” she says over her shoulder, to her entourage.

Ill mannered, I fume internally. It’s the same reaction that millions of viewers had during her early days in the Majorcan villa, when she strutted about telling everyone that she was a diva and being downright aggressive to Callum Macleod, the first islander with whom she was — by default — “coupled”, saying that he “looked old” and “didn’t suit sunglasses”.

However, once Gill is sitting down and…

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