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  • It is a fact that: “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
  • TV networks act like one big echo chamber.
  • The Democrats are great masters at “projection.”
  • The only conclusion with the Russians was with the Democrats.
  • The green new deal, free healthcare, free college, and guaranteed work will bankrupt our country.

We all have heard the saying that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and history has proven this statement as fact. Some of the most obvious examples are Hitler, Mao, Castro and Venezuela. These charismatic leaders had one thing in common, power! Call their form of government, Marxism, socialism or communism, they all start with and ideal of equality for all. Socialism is devastating for the people but great for those in power. Once total control is achieved, those in power will do whatever is possible to stay in power.

The TV networks above act like one big echo chamber chanting the same anti -Trump propaganda 24/7.

How do socialist leaders achieve their power objectives over time?

  1. They attempt to break up the nuclear family whenever possible.
  2. They ridicule all religions, especially Christianity.
  3. They aim to take away your means of self-defense, your guns.
  4. They intimidate your free speech by calling you a raciest and through physical threats.
  5. They control the media, TV, print and social media.
  6. They promote chaos rather than law and order and want to defund the police.
  7. They want open borders for everyone in our country and eliminate ICE.

If the above objectives sound familiar, it is because the socialist Democratic Party is attempting to achieve absolute power if elected this November. The Democrats haven’t achieved taking away your guns yet; however, they are working hard toward that objective by suing the NRA out of existence.

The greatest allies of the Democratic Party are The New York Times and Washington Post who both called Biden’s running, Kamala Harris a conservative. Actually, she was voted the most progressive Senator in the US Senate, even more progressive than socialist Bernie Sanders. Other arms of the Democratic Party are CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC. They hate President Trump so much that they will do anything to defeat him. Trump’s press briefings are nothing but attempted got-you questions posed by the media so-called elites to embarrass Trump.

The TV networks above act like one big echo chamber chanting the same anti -Trump propaganda 24/7. They seldom mention Trumps successes in foreign policy, successful trade deals, in job creation, holding China and Russia accountable, growth in the stock market, etc. However, if Trump tweets something the media disagrees with, they go crazy over one word for days.

The opposite can be said for Joe Biden regarding the media. Mr. Biden can spout gaffe after gaffe and never a word is said about his obvious senility. Whenever Biden holds a rare press briefing, he only gets softball questions. Never has he been asked about his sons dealing with China or Ukraine where he earned Millions of dollars with no experience or even language skills.

All this money went to Biden’s son just because Joe Biden was his father and the vise-president. More relatives of Joe Biden have become rich because his 47 years in politics than any other politician on record.

The media has fawned over Biden’s pick for his running mate Kamala Harris, the most left leaning senator in in the US Senate. Contrast that with how the media treated Sarah Palin, when she ran as a female vice president and Mike Pence our current vice president.

The Democrats are great masters at “projection, the transfer of ones owns desires or emotions to another person or group. They constantly accuse Republicans of doing what they are actually doing or have done. Their hypocrisy is beyond belief but the corrupt media does their bidding. The most obvious and egregious example of this is with the false Russian collusion between Trump and his associates and Russia.

The truth about fake Russian collusion and Trump is just beginning to come out. A Democratic FBI lawyer has omitted to changing an email refuting that Carter Page was actually working for the CIA when he was. That omission has opened up the actual truth regarding Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. The Obama administration will go down in history as the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. They weaponized the FBI, CIA and the Department of Justice to spy and defeat president-elect Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. After he was elected they tried to impeach him and almost succeed. Democratic Party also spent millions of tax payer dollars and over two years on the Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation with Trump in the 2016 election, only to find there was no collusion.

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

The only conclusion with the Russians was with the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. They hired Christopher Steele, an ex-British spy who was very anti-Trump to write a Russian collusion dossier. Steele used Russian hearsay and other unverified material to leak to the FBI, CIA and the DOJ. At the same time they were investigating Trump, they were also looking into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Mrs. Clinton used an unauthorized, unprotected private server in her home to avoid anyone from seeing her emails. As Secretary of State, Clinton was required to use a government server and email for national security protection.

Once discovered, she was ordered to turn over all her private emails on her illegal server. Instead she deleted over 30,000 emails she deemed personal. In addition she destroyed her server with bleach bit so no one could retrieve any messages along with eliminating her cell phones memory chips. To date Clinton hasn’t been investigated or charged with any crime nor was Bill and Hillary’s charity that received millions of dollars from Russia. If you are a Democrat you can get away with murder but if a Republican they will investigate every minute detail on you forever!

The weaponizing of our security organizations against anyone, not to mention the President of the USA, should have been major headline news worldwide over a year ago. It was proven as a fact a year ago that the FBI lied to the FISA court to use an unverified fake dossier against Trump. The dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party and this information was never disclosed to the FISA court. FBI director James Comely signed one of four FISA warrants knowing that it was unverified. This illegal warrant opened up the door for spying on Trump and his organization in order to defeat him in 2016 and later impeach him. Not a word from the main line media on this treasonous attempt to remove a dully elected president, except for Fox News.

It is hard to imagine how much hate the media and the “never Trampers’ must have to be willing to destroy our democracy just to prevent Donald Trump from getting reelected. They are willing to lie, cause chaos and riots in many of our major cities and to erase our culture. Even Michelle Obama was caught lying about President Trump at the Democratic Convention claiming Trump put illegal emigrant children in cages at the Mexican border. The truth is the so called cages Michelle talked about were built and used by her husband’s administration.

Michelle Obama did say one thing I agree with, “we should vote this November like our life depends on it, and it dose”. Never has an election been more important to our country. The green new deal will bankrupt this country alone, not to mention free healthcare, free college, and guaranteed work. All these benefits will also go to illegal emigrants. With open borders no one could even estimate the number of new illegal emigrants that would flood our country.

I agree with the slogans: ”Make America Great Again!” Also: “America First” We have the greatest country on the planet! Let’s keep it that way and vote this November.

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