Hey there! We’re your Digital Nomad experts: Chris, Jen, Eve, Fliss and Kylee. We’re all former students and employees that have made the transition to living the digital nomad life!

Whether you are studying, working, or looking for your own path in life… read on! We hope that we’ll inspire you with our own stories, or at the very least, show you that the lifestyle you are dying to have is not only possible, it’s within reach!

Chris and Jen

Current location: Cyprus

We’re 28-year-old entrepreneurs from Germany who are currently living in Cyprus. We met each other when we began working on our undergraduate degrees in Sinology at the University of Heidelberg. During our studies, we not only learned how to speak and write Mandarin but also learned a lot about Chinese culture and history. The more we learned, the keener we became to explore East Asia. We visited China and immediately after, became obsessed with planning our next trip. We finished our degrees and started looking for a way to travel again. Our travels took us to North America and all over Asia but there was one country that captured our heart: Taiwan. So, we decided to stay there a bit longer. Chris worked for a Taiwanese Cloud company as a full stack developer and I got a position as a Social Media Marketer at an international Startup company. Even though we were technically traveling, we just couldn’t ignore our desire for complete freedom. That’s when we knew exactly what we needed to do. We returned to Germany and prepared ourselves to become Digital Nomads. It took us over half a year to get everything ready, but it was worth it. During that time we met many lovely people with similar paths that taught us about the real meaning of freedom. We were certain that moving away from our earlier life of security was the right choice since security simply does not exist. We finally moved to Cyprus, founded our company here, and started our new lives as Digital Nomads.



B.S. Computer Science
Current location: Sofia, Bulgaria

What inspired you to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle?

I’ve always been passionate about traveling. After a short corporate career, I was so determined to find a way to travel while working and work while traveling. One day I saw an article about a bunch of digital nomads sharing their experiences and I realized that’s exactly what I was looking for.

A few months later, I found myself in the Netherlands, sitting in a funky cafe completing my first freelance project. Since then I’ve been living and working from some of the coolest cities in Europe like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Lisbon. The digital nomad lifestyle not only inspires me to be more productive in my field and but also gives me the opportunity to have a healthy and happy life.

Where’s your favorite place to work from?

In a hammock on a terrace overlooking the sea somewhere in the South. I also enjoy working from artsy and laid-back coffee shops.

We would betray our true selves when we do not follow our heart’s desire, for what the heart is attracted to, is our destiny.

-Leon Brown-

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