A Smarter Way To Travel Savings: Seathustler’s all-in-one Tool

Here’s the deal: it’s possible to travel often and travel cheap. But after almost a decade of working in the travel industry, Seathustler’s founders saw travelers often missing out on potential savings. That’s why they developed a tool based on their own travel hacking experience, which helps their customers save money on travel.

While some might find joy in planning their own trips, research suggests that most people find organizing their travel stressful more than enjoyable. “We know how challenging planning a vacation is, especially for those on a budget,” says James, one of the founders. “Finding the cheapest flights and a good hotel deal means running a lot of price comparison, which is incredibly time-consuming.”

One of the more frustrating parts of looking for travel deals is that search engines display a deal for a meager price that disappears after a couple of hours. Then, when the user tries to book it – suddenly there’s a considerable price increase. “That’s called a ghost fare,” the other founder, John, explains, “companies use dynamic pricing to maximize profits, charging the most during top demand and lowering rates when there are fewer travelers.” While the process may seem wrong to consumers, industry insiders say that it’s not only necessary but fair.

Finding flight bargains during a global pandemic is difficult. According to research, the average fare price for June 2021 was 4-5% higher than in 2019. Other domestic airlines are reporting a similar pricing effect. As a result, cheap fares were still available at the beginning of 2021 before drastically increasing around the start of summer vacation.

But as the world reopens, prices and travel searches began increasing in March 2021. Popular flight routes and peak travel weekends have the highest fares. Flying to less famous destinations or alternative airports may help travelers find lower prices. Booking flights many weeks or months in advance can be another way to secure the best rates. However, even this might not be enough to beat the unprecedented price increases across the travel industry in general.

Signing up for email newsletters is a great way to find out about promotions and special offers, although it’s not as straightforward as it seems. The founders explain: “back when we were working as travel agents, we personally held every newsletter subscription for the major airlines and hotel chains. The problem with that was that our inbox quickly filled up with promotional emails, most of which had no good travel deals in them. Which made it difficult to sort through all to actually get to the deals – we knew there had to be a better way never to miss a deal, and when we haven’t found one like it – we created it ourselves.” 

There are always ways to play the system to avoid overpaying for trips. That’s where Seathustler steps in. Seathustler – travel hackers and pro deal hunters, are exceptionally good at finding travel options on a budget. “While airfares started to increase post-pandemic, the planes haven’t been filling up,” says John, “and airlines needed a way to inflate the numbers to show people were back to traveling. So to fill capacity, some airlines began selling off their seats so cheap, they’re practically giving them away for free. But these prices can be very hard to track down, especially if you don’t know exactly where to look.” Seathustler, on the other hand, uses an automated system that constantly searches the internet for great travel deals. It then creates curated alerts based on their user’s location, and the members get notified through email. Those wanting a more on-demand approach can log in to see said deal alerts on the handy user dashboard.

Seathustler has now been able to become a team of people dedicated full-time to researching travel deals, developing helpful tools, and generating awareness so more people can save money on future trips.

Their range of amazing additional features includes a personal travel assistant and a wholesale rate hotel booking system. And unlike online travel agencies, making a commission on each booking – Seathustler passes their commission directly to users and offers 5% cashback on their members’ bookings. Seathustler is on a mission to maximize travel savings, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They’re about to launch their latest feature – the Seathustler’s Google Chrome extension, which will help travelers compare all hotel prices in one place.

Overall, no one has the superpower to secure prices in the modern age. Finding travel deals that fit a budget is not just getting more challenging but seemingly – impossible. Receiving newsletters and getting deal alerts sent straight to an email inbox certainly seems like the most efficient way to stay informed about travel deals.

For those interested in finding out more about Seathustler, check them out here – https://www.seathustler.com/

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Seathustler is a subscription based web application for travel enthusiasts. Seathustler’s members receive curated travel deal alerts for flights, accommodation and cruises. Users receive access to bed banks and can book their stays at an OTA (online travel agency) rate, as well as receive incentives for their bookings. The service can be accessed via email newsletters, or on a member dashboard. Seathustler helps their members to save time looking for travel deals, as well as reduce their travel spending through discounted offers.

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