5 lessons an entrepreneur can learn from long-distance running

Running is a discipline that requires more than just good physical condition and a pair of tennis shoes that you can proudly show off. Actually, the previous two points are the least important. Running, as with the businesses that an entrepreneur begins to launch, requires a strong mentality to cope with the many changes that can occur along the way and to know how to adapt to them.

On climbs or in difficult times, your strategy must change to avoid fatigue; On the descents, which are apparently the easiest sections, you must adapt the way you walk in such a way that that confidence does not turn into an injury. Running requires a series of actions and decisions that can be equated to the kind of running you do when doing business. We are going to talk about the lessons you can learn from long-distance running in case you are an entrepreneur. It’s always fun knowing how certain activities in everyday life can teach us more than we can think of.

Even if you run alone, every entrepreneur needs the encouragement of others

Running has always been believed to be essentially a solitary activity. It is, but not in its entirety. To run with encouragement and energy, you need the strength that other runners or the public that is old competition can give you. In business it is the same: you need to have around you people who encourage you, advise you and make you see how viable your ideas are. Perhaps the idea you have as an entrepreneur to start a business is yours, but it will be difficult for you to reach the goal without counting on the support of a group that shelters you and forces you to get where you want.

There will always be someone who is stronger than you

At the end of all races there is only one winner. It is a law of sports and life: you may think you are prepared enough to enter the world of business, but there will always be someone who has an advantage in terms of experience and knowledge. Perhaps also in terms of ideas. Instead of feeling less, that can inspire you to prepare, train and be a little stronger every day.

Plan in advance the route you are going to follow

Every race has its hard spots, in which a runner may begin to rethink whether he is actually ready to move on. Most of the time this is because you did not study the route in advance. The same thing happens in business: you have to have a fairly broad picture about the moments when things can get complicated. And for this you must have a plan ready. That way the surprises will be minimal and you will know the correct way to act so that these sudden changes do not become a stimulus to pay for your project.

You need to have a goal in mind

Why does a runner run a race? In the end, the only encouragement you have in mind is reaching your goal and celebrating your achievement. In the meantime, he will show how strong he is, the speed he is capable of, his physical and mental endurance, but it all translates into an essential action: crossing the finish line and finishing the race. In business you must also keep that in mind: What is the goal I want to achieve and achieve? How much do I have to sacrifice and invest to achieve what I want? If you just start negotiating and planning without knowing where to go, it might cost you too much effort. It will be like walking blind.

Even if you get tired, you must persist until the cycles are closed

A broker does not give up competition unless he has no other option. As long as your lungs have the strength to continue, and your legs have the stamina to keep moving forward, you will never give up what you prepared so much for. In the case of entrepreneurs, the same thing happens: if you feel they are the necessary force to move forward, then do not give up. The effort is enormous and sometimes you will want to put everything aside, it is true, but as long as your entrepreneurial dream remains intact and around you there is more than one reason to continue, then the option to leave should not be the strongest but the last. of them.

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