3 Reasons How Venture Capital and Smart Trends are driving Women Entrepreneurship in India

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, it goes without saying that the end result of the whole process is to ensure empowerment. Now, empowerment could be both direct and indirect; it could also come from mentors (to entrepreneurs) who are looking to drive next-gen change. In this regard, women are now taking the lead in entrepreneurship as both entrepreneurs as well as mentoring sustainable ventures (towards making them sustainable).

Also, women empowerment has been a widely discussed topic even amongst certain venture capital (VC) funds and investors who believe that the way ahead would be to invest on and mentor quality ventures driven by women. In this regard, Entrepreneur India attempts at decoding as to how today’s scenario is seemingly apt for women entrepreneurs (both direct as well as indirect) to take charge to lead society to newer heights through smart products.

Empowerment initiatives today are comparatively visible

“ We have initiatives that help women discover their personal brand, leadership style, build self-belief, identify their network and thereby maximize their potential while striking a balance between personal and professional,” stated Shalini Nataraj, who is Global HR Head at Maersk GSC, during a recent panel discussion that focused on the needs of women starting their careers.

Now, when women returning after career breaks are significantly empowered, it is always possible that the entrepreneurial spark in them gets potentially ignited – due to creative initiatives undertaken at their employer companies. Hence, with opportunities now being comparatively visible for budding women entrepreneurs, it only makes sense for them to take up entrepreneurship directly or even as mentors/investors.

Women-centric funds coming to the fore

For women looking at taking up entrepreneurship, a dedicated mentor network makes complete sense considering the fact that instilling of confidence becomes relatively easier.

“We look to invest in companies that are led by women leaders, employees or focussed on women centric products and services. The idea was to address the gap of women entrepreneurs in the ecosystem,” informed Ankitha Vasishtha who is Founder and CEO at India’s first venture capital fund called SAHA.

“  I am an entrepreneur and investor myself and it is my passion to work with startup teams from the ground level and really help them scale their business. Funding is just one aspect of successful and active investing, we partner with companies to help them build their team, business development, product, client connect, networking and geographical outreach,” she added.

The takeaway here is the aspect of mentoring; with women mentors now more active than before, it only makes sense that the gender lens is broken and only pure societal aspects are viewed with a  microscope as to develop smart and technologically forward models/solutions.

Technology enabling, and empowering women investors to come to the fore

A positive trend resulting from today’s entrepreneurship has been the alternative forms of investment that women are seemingly look at. Now, this could be in the form of venture capital into startups as well; diverting from the standard practice of investing in gold/lands.

“These ambitious go-getters are increasingly ditching the traditional tools of savings and investments and exploring the relatively new and more lucrative forms of investments,” said Rajat Gandhi who is Founder and CEO at Faircent.

Summarily, the takeaway from the new trends have indicated positive aspects as fara s breaking gender lenses in investments as well as finance is considered. Hence, it could now potentially be the time for you (as a young entrepreneur) to drive next-gen change.

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