To be honest, we didn’t know anything about the life of Digital Nomads or even heard about this word, not until January last year. When we’ve heard so many people talking about a life of freedom as Digital Nomads, we were eager to gather more information about it. Now, almost one and a half year later, we can’t wait to enjoy our new lives as Digital Nomads.

What exactly is a Digital Nomad (DM)?

Let me give you a short definition: A DM is somebody who works online, either as a freelancer for themselves or a company and can make money regardless of his/her location. DMs are normally working on their laptops and travel all over the world or stay in 2-4 countries during the year.

After this past one and a half year, we’ve finally joined this club while doing freelance programming, social media managing, and blogging. We’re so excited to see the adventures that are waiting for us. Sure, this style of life isn’t for everybody, even if this is something most people are dreaming of.

How do you know you are ready to become a Digital Nomad? Here are 10 signs which show you that you’re ready to leave the 9-5 life.

1. Love working in different locations

When we started working in an office, it felt good to be part of a team, but after two to three weeks, we both couldn’t stand the fact, that we have to wake up, get ready and go to the same place and working on the same desk every day from 9-5. It wasn’t the work which was tiring for us, but the same place every day, every week. In fact, we’ve noticed that we were even more productive and creative when we’ve worked in different places. I love working in cozy places like a nice coffee where you have a couch and a beautiful view. I do feel free and get creative really easy.

2. Dreaming about being free and your own boss

If you’re working for someone else while thinking that you could be doing the same work for your own business from everywhere in the world, then you should really consider to become a Digital Nomad and start your own freelance business. Why should you wait for the holidays to travel around if you can have holidays all year long while working? Love what you do and most importantly, do what you love.

3. Having a huge desire for new adventures

Every time when I stay somewhere for too long, I get this agonizing pressure in my throat and on my chest. It’s like I’m a rocket which wants to start, but something is still holding me down. But once I’m ready to go it’s the best feeling I can imagine.

4. WIFI is your life

Actually, I think that nowadays, in the century of social media, everybody would get some anxiety when the Internet isn’t working, but for those who work on their laptops online, it can be a horrible situation when the WIFI stops working while you’re still working. If you can’t be without WIFI and feel uncomfortable if you can’t go online every day, then you would be a perfect Digital Nomad.

5. Your laptop is your baby

You always want to make sure your laptop is fine and secure every time you carry it around. I’m constantly worried about my laptop when I’m traveling. I would put my laptop gently in its case and bag and I would avoid to run, jump or bump into something or someone when I’m on the way. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch with my laptop and every time I wake up, the first thing I think of is my laptop. So if your laptop is one of the most important things in your life, you should definitely consider a life as a Digital Nomad.

6. Want to live in “The 4-Hour Work Week”

Have you read this book? If not, do it! It definitely changed our lives and gave us a clear answer to the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.

7. Obsessed with a life in freedom

We would spend 24/7 to learn new things and read everything about how we could start our business and a life as Digital Nomads. It really began with a dream, then it turned to a plan and in the end, we were more than determined to make it happen, no matter what. Are you doing that too? Read books, join Facebook groups which brings you closer to your goal, take online courses, listen to relevant podcasts or watch videos on YouTube where you can gain knowledge about how you can make your dreams come true.

8. Constantly working on your business ideas

Believe in your plans and fall in love with your business ideas. When you really want to spend every single minute working on your business, you will definitely succeed.

When we’ve planned our business and actually start working on it, we were so excited that we would talk about it all the time. Thinking about how we can make it happen, what our goal is and really started convincing our family and friends about what we want to achieve.

9. You can easily motivate yourself and enjoy working without supervision

If you have a really effective time-management, work much better without supervision and if it’s easy for you to work when it’s necessary, then you’re a true Digital Nomad.

Like I wrote earlier, working in freedom makes us more creative and also effective. The only thing which was a bit more difficult for us to handle is to stop working. Even if the work is so much fun and the time just flies by, you always have to remember that your body and mind needs break. If you don’t have a fix working schedule, you need to plan time for work and time for breaks by yourself. And don’t forget it!

10. Longing to learn about new things

Being a Digital Nomad is an adventurous life. You will see many things you will love, but you will also experience situations which aren’t great at all. That is a normal thing in life I guess and as a Digital Nomad, it’s not different. The most important thing is to try and look at it on the brighter side… I mean, at least you’re free and can travel the whole year through. Right?

To be honest, difficult situations taught us much bigger lessons than anything else. Oh and don’t forget that life is a lifelong lesson. So never stop learning and be thankful for any opportunity you have to learn new things.

What are you thinking? Do you see those signs on yourself? Don’t just dream! Make it happen! And never forget, you’re not alone!