5. Blogger

Blogging is also a great way to generate income while traveling. Especially travel blogs with breathtaking pictures can do really well on social media platforms. If you are not coming from a social media and online marketing branch, you should learn something about it first before you start. By doing great marketing, blogging can also be a big source of passive income for you. But like everything you start in life… it will take some time to really work out. Be patient, be consistent, take great pictures and write a unique content. There’re a lot of Digital Nomad couples or even families who got really famous by only posting their unique travel pictures on Instagram. If you want to write more content on your blog, you can always make a website with WordPress about your travel experiences, so people can actually go to your website and read your blog posts. Both ways will take their time since you need to attract your audiences over time. You can also blog on platforms like Steem. On that platform, you get paid for blogging in the cryptocurrency STEEM which you can redeem into Dollar later. If you are interested, you can check out Christians’ blog (https://steemit.com/@tezcatlipoka) and mine (https://steemit.com/@bee-me ).

6. Social Media Marketer

Nowadays social media is a great medium to do marketing. You can easily reach the right audiences and also get famous pretty fast and easy. Actually doing social media marketing is a great way to generate some income as a Digital Nomad. You don’t have to study marketing to do this kind of marketing, but you should know how it works. If you have no idea about it, I recommend you to do online courses first. There’re some online courses, like those from Udemy, where you can also get a certificate for it. For me, the social media marketing courses at Udemy were the best. You have to pay for them, but they really start from zero and provide you with learning materials. Udemy courses are of high quality, captivating and the tutors really know what they are doing.

I’m a person who gets bored very easily, but those courses were so much fun, that I’ve really done them from the beginning to the end. Don’t worry there are also great online courses for free such as on www.class-central.com. Courses on that platform are of very very high quality since they’re provided by the Ivy League Universities such as Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Now to earn money by doing social media marketing you will need some clients. You can either put your profile on Upwork or Fiverr to get your clients. Fiverr is a platform where you wait for clients to find you and book your service, on Upwork you can either wait for clients to contact you when they need your service or you can go into action and find some clients yourself. Try out what works best for you. Of course, it will take time and experiences to earn a really good monthly income, but once you have a client base, it’s a great way to work when you are traveling.

7. Virtual Tutor

Do you have a special skill or speak a language other people would love to learn? Maybe teaching virtually would be something for you then. On sites like Indeed, you can find a lot of virtual teaching jobs. You can easily teach via Skype from everywhere. The only thing you need is a stable WIFI connection. Language tutoring got really popular these days because people started thinking more globally and want to learn new languages. Except for language tutoring, you can also teach painting, playing instruments or programming. If you’re a good teacher, students often recommend you to their friends. It’s a great way to get in contact with people from all over the world and earn an income.

8. Software Engineer/Programmer

As a software engineer or a programmer, you will need a very good laptop and a stable WIFI connection. But you’re free and can work from everywhere. Working in that business you’re normally a freelancer. Software engineers and programmers not only develop software but also APPs. If you’re good at your work, you can get a lot of clients and earn a very good monthly income. There are several platforms where you can provide your services such as Upwork and Fiverr.

9. Online Shop Owner

Having an online shop can be a lot of work, but you can still be location independent. A lot of the Digital Nomads who have online shops often run it through Amazon. You can let Amazon do everything for you, it is called Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). The only thing you have to do is to choose a product you want to sell, find a source where you can get your product, do the marketing, quality control and so on. Then you can store your products in one of the Amazons’ logistic points. You have to spend some money till you have it settled, but once it’s running and people are actually purchasing your products, it’s just great. It can be a full-time job though, but still with a lot of freedom. The best thing is that it is your own business and you are your own boss. And Amazon is doing the rest like shipping, customer support, customs handling and so on. It might sound easy now but building up a shop of your own is a lot of work. Anyway, it is definitely worth it.

10. Trader

The last job idea I can give you in nowadays modernized and technologized world is becoming a trader. You can do Forex trading, Stock trading or, like many others these days, Crypto trading. Have a look at all the three options and also do a lot of online courses before you start. Try out a demo account and don’t trade with your real money without figuring out how it works and which techniques works best for you. I think this is the hardest job for a Digital Nomad I can imagine. It does sound easy, but never forget that any kind of trading is in any way like gambling. You can make a lot of money if you have the sense for it, but you can also lose a lot of money. You have to be very disciplined and always be informed about every single news which can have an impact on your trades. I wouldn’t recommend this job as the only or main source of income if you aren’t a professional trader. It can drain you physically and psychically. But you can do trading for an extra side income, just try not to be too greedy even if you have several positive trades in a row. There are people who have lost a lot or almost everything they have, but there are also those who have gained wealth through trading. It can be heaven but also be hell.


When you’ve quit your job to start a new life as a Digital Nomad, it’s really hard to start over and generate a steady location independent income. All I’ve written here are only suggestions and ideas, of course, there are other options and I’m sure you can find a much better way to generate income. From my experience, I can assure you that it’s hard, but with diligent and endurance you can make it. Try to find your own motivation that drives you to keep on doing, you will need it, especially in times of defeat.

At some point, it got so hard for us that we were thinking about giving it all up.

Don’t give up! Push yourself or each other through the hard times, always comfort each other whenever something hasn’t worked out. We’ve realized that we’ve learned so much over time. Especially after we’ve failed and after all the defeat. And even though it looks and sounds so easy when other Digital Nomads are telling you about how they make money, never forget that everybody has their own struggles. I’m sure 80% of the Digital Nomads out there have failed a lot in the beginning. Never forget that failures are all lessons you can learn from. Just continue doing and it will be worth it!