Of course becoming a Digital Nomad is exciting, but after the excitement has settled there are a lot of other things to consider. Most important of all is the question: How to make money while you are constantly on the way? Since working in an office is what you’ve escaped from, your laptop and smartphone will become the source of your income. Don’t worry if you are not a programmer or super skilled with technology. There are plenty of job offers for Digital Nomads which will suit your skills. There are also a lot of jobs which gives you enough freedom to enjoy your new lifestyle, you can work flexibly and still make travelling the main focus of your life. Actually working remotely is becoming popular in many big and small companies, since there aren’t only a lot of benefits for the companies themselves, but also for the remote worker.

We prefer to work for ourselves, which is also more work and more time-consuming. On one hand, you don’t have to please an employer, but on the other hand, your income is, at least in the beginning, not steady. But there will always be risks in life, no matter if you are employed or self-employed. For us, it was definitely the best decision to choose freedom over certainty. Many Digital Nomads are having a good mix between being employed and self-employed. If you’re thinking of doing so, have a look at these job ideas. Maybe some of them can help you to find your way to make money as a Digital Nomad.

1. Virtual Assistant (VA)

If you’re looking for a location independent work without having to be a programmer, creative or creating online courses, working as a virtual assistant is a perfect start. All you do as a VA is pretty much simple office administration for your client. You can find positions as a full-time VA for one client or have more clients where you only work part-time. As a VA you can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a stable WIFI connection. There are several sites where you can find work as a VA. Here is one where you can find what you’re looking for: my-vpa.com. It’s always a plus if you can speak more than one language and know how to work with MS-Office. The usual tasks of a VA include back- and front-office work, such as answering emails, planning appointments, doing some calls (via Skype for example), research, helping with marketing and sometimes doing PPT-Presentations. The work is simple, but it is a good start to generate income while you are traveling the world.

2. Translator

Do you speak more than two languages fluently? Maybe being a translator is also an option for you. I always suggest having more than one job, since you never know how the only job you have will turn out. Nowadays we need to diversify everything in life, especially our source of income.

Anyway, being a translator often means being a freelancer. On proz.com you can find translation jobs and also translatorcafe.com is worth a look if you just have started. Try it out!

3. Ghost Writer

Another opportunity for a location independent work is being a ghostwriter. If you love writing or you’re a skilled writer, this is a way to earn some money with your skill. You will write for somebody else, so when they published it, your name won’t appear on any of those publications. Don’t be disappointed, as I wrote earlier, it is just a start and who knows, maybe you’ would also decide to publish something on your own one day. Really skilled ghostwriters are writing whole books, which is, of course, a long-time project. Or sometimes also writing a bachelor, master or a PhD thesis. The biggest benefit of working as a ghostwriter is that you can earn more than a thousand dollar with each project. So it is often enough to have 10-12 projects each year to have a very good income.

4. T-Shirt Designer

Are you creative and love to design something? There’re several job opportunities for nomadic designers. I’m really not a designer or too creative but the first thing I’ve tried when we became Digital Nomads was to do some designs for t-shirts. There are some really easy-to-use platforms where you can upload your designs for free. Of course, you have to create some designs first. If you have a Mac, you definitely have some design programs pre-installed, but if not you can either pay for Photoshop or use GIMP on any laptop for free. At the beginning, I didn’t want to invest money, since you never know how it will turn out, so I’ve used GIMP to do my designs. You can do very simple designs or go on Pinterest and get some exclusive design ideas. But DON’T COPY! I’ve done about 100 designs before I uploaded them. You can use these platforms to upload your designs: www.spreadshirt.com, www.teespring.com, www.shirtee.com, www.moteefe.com and others. The more you upload, the better are your chances to sell some of your designs. After you’ve uploaded them, you can set a price for each of your design. Some Digital Nomads really make their monthly living out of this business and also hire some designers for themselves. I really loved the idea of being a designer and also being my own boss. You have to be really patient though because it can take several months until someone buys your design. I’ve met one Digital Nomad, he had a great niche for his designs and sold many of them in a month. Just for your information, the t-shirt design business became a huge one now. There’re really professional designers out there. So, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out immediately.

If you have some programming skills as a designer and don’t want to start a business in t-shirt designing, you can also start a career as a web-designer, UX-designer, or graphic designer. As I’ve stated before, diversification is very important if you’re a Digital Nomad.