10 Continuity Errors In Friends Season 5

Season five of Friends starts with Ross saying the wrong name at the altar while marrying Emily and also includes the show’s 100th episode. Ross moves in with Chandler, has an anger management issue about his sandwich at work, and Rachel and Chandler “PIVOT!” their way up a staircase. Marking the show’s half-way point, this season was up there with one of the funniest of the show’s run.

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There is still very little news about the reunion show, other than filming might take place towards the end of summer. Every show has continuity errors, some big and some small, so let’s take a look at 10 continuity errors that occurred over the fifth season and see how many you spotted.

10 Swing Dancing

In episode 2, ‘The One With All The Kissing’, Rachel decides that Monica is in charge of all of her decisions. One of the big decisions Rachel has to make is whether or not to tell Ross how she feels about him. When Ross comes across them discussing the topic, Monica lies and says that Rachel wants to take up swing-dancing.

When Monica tells Ross, her hands are crossed in front of her, but in the very next shot, her hands are on the washing basket.

9 Rachel’s Sailing Skills

In episode 7, ‘The One Where Ross Moves In’, Monica and Rachel are invited to a party by Danny, who Monica ‘fogged’ but Rachel declines the invitation and says she has to attend a Regatta Gala. Danny then asks her if she sails and she says no.

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However, in a later episode, Rachel teaches Joey to sail on a boat he bought at an auction and she says her dad used to take the whole family sailing.

8 Chandler and Rachel Meet, Again …

In episode 8, ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’, the gang takes a trip down memory lane and relive their worst Thanksgiving moments. This episode is part of the much larger continuity error of when Chandler and Rachel first met. This episode shows that Chandler and Rachel met at the Geller family home.

However, the pilot of the show showed Chandler meeting Rachel for the first time when she entered the coffee house in her wedding dress. And another episode in season 3 showed Chandler and Rachel meet in a flashback after college. Perhaps their memory isn’t that great.

7 Phoebe’s Sandwich Note

In episode 9, ‘The One With Ross’s Sandwich’, Ross makes his favorite sandwich (with a slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle named “the moist maker”), which he takes to work, but after someone eats it, Phoebe writes a note to ward off anyone else who tries to take it.

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While they are in the coffee house, Phoebe writes her note and she is holding a pen, she then puts the pen down and picks up the coffee cup, but in the very next shot when she tells the gang that a cop once stabbed her, she is holding the pen in one hand and the coffee cup in the other.

6 Massage Timer

In episode 13, ‘The One With Joey’s Bag’, the episode opens with Monica and Chandler massaging each other on Chandler’s bed. Eager to get his turn, he quickly turns the timer until it rings. He picks the timer up with his right hand and puts it on his left side, but in the next shot, the timer has moved back to Chandler’s right side again.

Little does he know that Monica’s massages will be one of the most painful things he has ever experienced.

5 Ross’s Couch

In episode 16, ‘The One With The Cop’, Ross, Rachel, and Chandler are trying to move Ross’s new couch upstairs and are not making any progress.

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As they try to move it around the corner, Rachel can be heard saying “Ross, I just don’t think it’s going to fit”, but if you look at Jennifer Aniston’s mouth, her lips are not moving at all, meaning the audio has been dubbed over the clip. This is the infamous “PIVOT!” scene that any avid Friends fan will know.

4 “Hot Girl?!”

In episode 17, ‘The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss’, Joey becomes obsessed with a ‘hot girl’ across the street in Ross’ building, and attempts to find her apartment by counting the windows along and up. When he first sees the girl in Monica’s apartment, he is wearing a black fleece, but when he arrives at Ross’ door for the first time, he has changed into a purple shirt.

Perhaps he changed to look smart for the girl he was going to see, but then when Ross opens the door, Joey is back in the black fleece.

3 Ben’s Building Blocks

In episode 18, ‘The One Where Rachel Smokes’, Joey and Ross’s son Ben are both going for a TV commercial, but Joey decides to try put Ben off of acting, as he thinks he will lose the job to Ben and the man who is playing his father in the ad.

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In this scene, Ben is building a tower out of blocks, but between shots, the color and order of the blocks change from one to the next.

2 Phoebe’s Interrogation

In episode 21, The One With The Ball’,  Phoebe is debating whether or not to move in with her cop boyfriend Gary. Once, she lies and says that she wants to, but he’s suspicious that she is having second thoughts, so he takes her into the interrogation room at his precinct.

While Gary is asking her questions, the blinds behind Phoebe’s head keep changing between open and closed.

1 Joey’s Identical Hand Twin

In episode 23, ‘The One In Vegas: Part 1′, after Joey’s big break falls through, he finds himself in Vegas working at Caeser’s Palace, where he also finds his identical hand twin. In the following shot, he is telling Chandler about his discovery and how he plans to use it to become a millionaire.

Chandler struggles to see how Joey can become rich from this. In one shot, Joey accuses Chandler of not supporting him and points his left hand at him, but in the very next shot, Joey is pointing his right hand at Chandler.

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